« Beautiful hair can not be achieved without a healthy scalp! »

Patrick Alès, PHYTO founder

It was in 1969 that visionary hairdresser Patrick Alès revolutionized the world of hair care. Bringing together science and nature, he extracted powerful active ingredients from plants to treat hair, while respecting its natural balance. PHYTO was born.

Patrick Alès, whom at just 16 years old became a hairdresser “by chance”, was driven by more than a passion: a true vocation. Enhancing the beauty of women and their hair, while respecting their profound nature.

In 1965: Driven by his motto «primum non nocere» (first do no harm), he concocted his very first botanical hair care products, more particularly to preserve the hands of his hairdressers, who were in permanent contact with harmful chemical substances. With his wife, they developed the initial mixtures in their garage, combining Sage, Rosemary, Burdock… A real revolution for the time!



Simplifying everything is often the most complicated thing to do. Although mankind has long been familiar with the power of these simple, yet ultra-potent medicinal plants, science has only recently enabled us to extract the essential: the very quintessence of their power.

From its inception, the Phytosolba Laboratories have known that plants give their very best. The brand’s formulators extract and concentrate botanical active ingredients to create easy to use, powerful rituals to simplify women’s lifestyles.

50 years later, natural, plant-based ingredients represent over 60% of the composition of PHYTO products and can make up to 100% of their formula.



1969 was the year of the PHYTO’s revolution.

2019 will be the year of its reinvention.

Transparency and commitment to more environmentally-friendly policies. From formulation to packaging, Phyto is fully engaged…

• Gentle and respectful cleansing formulas without sulphated surfactants, except for intense cleaning action desired*.

• Cleansing formulas which are not containing any synthetic** artificial colors and are naturally tinted by our “home-made” plant extractions.

• A new, pure and minimalist visual identity fully in line with the times.

• Packaged in square, minimalist and clear zero-waste PET bottles, offering 25% more formula, and “squeezable” for ease of use.

• Extremely practical tubes that dispense the precise amount of product.

• Environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable packaging, from bottles and tubes to outer boxes.

• Improved environmental profile: no inserts or boxes for shampoo bottles and folding cartons made from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests.

* In the case of PHYTODETOX and PHYTOSQUAM
** Except for PHYTOARGENT



“It gave my hair an amazing shine & a nice medium hold (it’s perfect for styling braid outs & twist outs). It also did an awesome job at locking in the moisture on my natural hair.” by BBK Natural



  1. Baobab Oil 
  2. Deep Repairing Shampoo
  3. Magic Detangling Shampoo 
  4. Magic Detangling Spray 
  5. Nourishing Styling Butter



How to use PHYTO’s cleansing care cream?

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Mr. Patrick Alès invented, in the 1970s, the concept of cleansing care for the extremely dry hair of Madame Pompidou, one of the loyal customers of his salon on the Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

“Noticing that shampooing her hair aggravated its condition, I imagined a shampoo-like treatment formulated with no water and used a blend of Huile d’Alès and Crème Phyto 7 to wash her hair.” remembers Mr. Patrick Alès

Washing hair with a conditioner is a widely popular trick among girls with ultra-dry hair. It gave rise to the idea of helping women enjoy the gentleness of this new routine while benefi­ting from genuine cleansing action.

Cleansing care cream is a totally innovative concept, a completely di­fferent product, that is neither a shampoo nor conditioner, but an extra dose of care in the hair care routine. It is non-foaming thanks to a formula that contains no foaming surfactants. This in itself guarantees maximum softness for the scalp and friction-less cleansing action for hair lengths.


Gentler, more active and more respectful of ultra-dry hair, this innovative gesture restores softness, suppleness and beauty in hair, without the risk of depleting it. Another good point: the absence of surfactants means greater respect for the environment.

This rinse-out cream should be alternately applied with the shampoo.

There are 2 way to use the cleansing care cream:


  1. Gently heat a dab of cream in your hands.
  2. Apply the cream on hair lengths 2 spreading it out to the ends.
  3. Massage the scalp by adding 3 a dab of cream if necessary.
  4. Add water to help carefully distribute product.
  5. Emulsify and leave on 5 for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.


  1. Apply a few drops of cream on the scalp working strand by strand.
  2. Gently massage then distribute 2 the cream on hair lengths.
  3. If hair is extremely dry, add a dab of cream to the ends.
  4. Leave on 4 for 2 to 5 minutes.
  5. Progressively add water and emulsify.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.


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Alert Reveal – PHYTOJOBA

For the last month I’ve been trialling the PHYTOJOBA range and have fallen in love with it already, the difference it has made to my hair in just four weeks in amazing!

I took three products from the range (the Shampoo, mask and care gel) on a recent trip to Florida so I could trial the products in the sunshine.

The moisturizing care range helps to restore shine and softness to dry hair – which meant it was the perfect range for the sunshine as my hair dries out so quickly from the sun (the mask is an absolute god-send when it comes to moisturizing my hair – it’s my hero product!).

I wanted to speak individually about each product and exactly why I’ve been loving it, as well as the benefits from each product!

Let’s take a look at the PHYTOJOBA range!…


The PHYTOJOBA is a gentle shampoo (so it’s ideal for any hair type), but focuses on restoring softness and shine to dry hair, perfect if you hair naturally dry hair, or if like myself your hair dries out in the sunshine.

The shampoo contains Jojoba oil and milk (lighter than oil, it penetrates rapidly into the hair fibre to hydrate it perfectly!). I noticed that my hair was instantly more hydrated after using this shampoo, and it felt super soft to touch!


The PHYTOJOBA Mask is my hero product from the range, I’ve been using it every couple of days and it’s made SO much difference to my hair! I adored using this product on holiday as it helped to keep my hair nourished and moisturised during our road trip.

The rich texture mask helps to untangle hair (making hair so much easier to brush after washing!!), and intensely hydrates hair, without weighing it down (this is a key feature for me, as my hair is naturally oily it gets heavy quite easier so I like to use lighter products).

Rich in fatty acids, Jojoba oil restores the hydrolipidic film and prevents dehydration It’s antioxidant Vitamin E helps protect the fibre from daily aggressions such as sunshine and pollution



The PHYTOJOBA Care Gel for me is another hero product, and something that you could even pop in your handbag with it’s nifty 150ml size and the fact that it can be applied to dry hair! If you’re out in the sunshine then just apply a pearl of the care gel to the lengths and ends of your hair at any time of the day for instant hydration.

Formulated with Hydra-Soin technology, it forms a protective film on the surface of the hair and releases active ingredients into the heart of the fibre. The Jojoba milk makes styling easy and offers a soft, silky finish – making the Care Gel the perfect styling product too!

There we have it guys, a round up of my favourite PHYTO range the PHYTOJOBA that I’m currently using! I hope that I’ve inspired you to try out this gorgeous range.. Happy Hydrating!




By Frock Me I’m Famous



How to deal with postpartum hair?

We will help you understand how to handle postpartum hair loss and what can be done. Postpartum hair loss is also called androgenetic hair loss.

Key Facts:

♦ “During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume can increase by up to 50%. Increased blood volume and more blood circulation result in less hair falling out.”

♦ Decreasing then stopping ovarian estrogen secretions creates an imbalance in favor of androgenic hormones.

♦ This imbalance can cause hair loss or greatly aggravate hair loss already installed.

Capture d’écran 2019-03-26 à 11.56.28

First, it is necessary to know that our hair develops and live under hormonal dependence.

This type of hair loss originates from the disruption of the hair’s life cycle which, whatever the origin, leads to a refinement of the fiber, to see the appearance of sparse zones that can extend with time.
The scalp, the hair and all their environment are affected, impacted by hair loss. It is the “ecosystem” of the hair which is reached and which will suffer from the global reduction of the capillary activity.

That is why it is important to target the maximum of mechanisms responsible for disturbances of the hair’s life cycle using the PHYTOLOGIST 15 treatment and come to support this action and preserve the “ecosystem” of the hair with the help of PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHYTODENSIA shampoo.

16580734-oatGFaCQPHYTOLOGIST 15 is an absolute fall arrest that has a more comprehensive and complete action on all types of female or male hair losses. Efficiency faster (loss delayed from 2 months),growth stimulation (+5942 new hair) and  thicker hair because there is growth of the hair bulb.

PHYTOCYANE is for women with androgenetic hair loss, who do not necessarily want global action, and who would rather want the life cycle of the hair to be prolonged, by preserving the cells of the hair of an early senescence. Double efficiency fall arrest & density (anchors the root and stimulates the shoot).

Its actions: slows down the loss, accelerates growth, redensifies the hair mass because it has repelled new hair and prolongs hair’s life cycle in 16 weeks: + 2640 new hair, + 2880 hair preserved. 88% efficiency. 3 to 2 applications per week. Use PHYTOCYANE in 3 months cures.


The PHYTOSOLBA Laboratory’s approach is to go back to the basics of hair and restore its three vital functions locally. This, knowing that the scalp is one of the best irrigated parts of the body and that it represents a royal way to reach the hair reproduction cells.

PHYTOPOLLEINE Stimulant Plant Elixir purifies the follicles in which the diseased roots evolve, and drains, outside the follicle, waste (sebum, sweat, cellular waste) which represent a real handicap for the blooming of the roots.

PHYTOPOLLEINE Stimulant Plant Elixir increases blood flow to the roots by promoting blood microcirculation and cellular oxygenation at the entrance and around the hair follicle (peri-follicular collagen).

PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHYTOCYANE anti-hair loss treatment also transmits to the hair in formation a supplementation of sulfur proteins and vitamins for hair.

The PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHYTOCYANE anti-hair loss treatment regenerates the hair production cells with patented assets that neutralize the damage caused by DHT.
Action of the PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHTYOCYANE anti-hair loss serum on the life cycle of your hair.
The life cycle of the hair recovers its normal growth tempo and the new hair succeeds the previous ones without latency period. The regrowth of your hair regains strength.

Like the body, the hair also loses its vitality when it lacks essential elements for its growth and health.
The consequence: the quality of the hair deteriorates further: it then becomes dull, without vigor and the hair is refined.

A local treatment will allow to make all your vitality to your hair, it must be pampered: treat it so as to strengthen, especially the root, to rebalance its vital functions and give it a stronger caliber.



Before the shampoo: Break time 20 minimum. Rinse
On scalp: → in Cure of 3 months / 1 time per week (25 drops)
Lengths and tips:  ALES OIL → in Cure of 3 months / once a week


Shampoo: 1 to 2 times a week


To use after the shampoo on scalp: 3 months treatment / 3 times per week. 1 box contains 1 month supply.


2 capsules a day.  Swallow with a glass of water during breakfast, only 2 kcal per capsules. In cure of 4 months. 1 bottle contains 2 months supply.


This heat-activated spray has to be used before blow drying on damp hair. Apply on roots, comb to distribute the product, perform styling.



Bye Bye Dry Hair

What do we say to dry hair?


Dry hair can be caused by a number of factors; genetics, medication or something as simple as the weather.  From my experience as a hairstylist, hair is often dry and damaged from the abuse of styling.

As a hair and makeup artist I work with models that are constantly having to deal with this problem. Styling products and heat are damaging and used everyday can become a big problem for any hair. It’s part of my job to find answers and products to help rescue and repair these precious locks. It’s also a personal problem of mine and has been for years. My hair has always been dry and brittle, it’s the nature of having curly hair and now it’s grey and coloured which has added another level of dryness and frizz. Because of this I would always struggle growing it as the ends would just snap off and it would look unhealthy. It was only when I started to use conditioning treatments and leave in treatments that this stopped. Now it is under constant repair so my hair can grow strong and healthy.

Dry brittle hair is dry, dull, frizzy, full of split ends and lacks lustre in appearance. There’s also a more problematic side effect—it can lead to premature hair breakage and can cause hair loss in some cases. Keeping your hair in good condition is vital for the long-term health of your hair and thanks to Phyto there’s help on hand to fix dry hair. So here I’ve broken down the problems and chosen my favourite products that will repair and care for you hair. Through using the correct products you really can rescue your hair and bring it back to health.

Dry and brittle hair routine

Step 1 – Pre-shampoo

Baobab Oil is a luxurious, multi-purpose oil that can be used on hair, scalp, and body to nourish, regenerate and protect. 99% botanical, it’s a unique blend of some of the most beneficial oils nature has to offer. The fast-absorbing formula is heavy on benefits yet so lightweight, you can use it daily to keep hair soft, shiny and disciplined and also provides sun protection for hair.


Step 2 – Shampoo

Exceptional Shampoo transforms into a luxurious, indulgent foam that gently cleanses even the most delicate, brittle hair, providing ultimate repair and nutrition. The formula features our botanical keratin that works like a filler to fill in the gaps in the cortex. It also delivers complete nourishment and restores the hydrolipidic film. Hair regains its strength and elasticity.

Step 3 – Masks & Conditioners

Exceptional Mask – A mask that penetrates to rebuild and regenerate each hair fibre, restoring elasticity and strengthening hair to renew it with ultimate softness, suppleness, and shine. Even the driest, most porous hair is renewed, regaining exceptional silkiness and suppleness. In a short time, strength and elasticity improves.

Step 4 – Leave-in treatment

Phytokératine extrême cream is an exceptional cream that protects against heat and penetrates to rebuild and regenerate each hair fibre, restoring elasticity and strengthening hair to renew it with ultimate softness, suppleness, and shine.

“PHYTO products are specially formulated to treat hair from the scalp to the ends, thanks to complete rituals that respect its true nature. Nature and plants are at the heart of PHYTO formulations”

Thinning and devitalised hair routine

Step 1 – Shampoo

Phytodensia Shampoo acts on both the scalp and the morphology of the hair fibre to regain the voluptuous hair of your youth. Sulphate-free, this delicately foaming shampoo. Gently cleanses the hair fibre leaving it looking more beautiful, revealing newfound volume, lightness and softness.


Step 2 – Masks

Phytodensia Mask – With its light, fluid texture, this mask acts on the hair fibre, giving body and substance to the hair without weighing it down. Hair feels revitalised, full of body and voluptuous.

Step 3 – Leave-in treatment

Huile Soyeuse is as light as a serum and as potent as an oil. This ultra-lightweight, beautifying oil delivers serious moisture to dry, fine-to-medium hair with incredible softness and dazzling shine. 98% natural.

“Natural, botanical ingredients represent over 60% of the composition of PHYTO products and may make up to 100% of their formula.”

Severely damaged hair routine

Step 1 – Shampoo

Phytokeratine Shampoo – This hyaluronic acid shampoo helps replenish the moisture content of weakened and damaged hair while repairing the appearance of past damage caused by heat styling, over-processing and other environmental assaults. The most brittle, straw-like hair will be dramatically transformed. Hair regains inner softness, suppleness and shine.

Step 2 – Masks

Phytokeratine  Mask is a deep-conditioning mask that combines intense hydration and deep-down repair to restore the original health and beauty of heat-damaged and over-processed hair. The most brittle, straw-like hair will be dramatically transformed. Hair regains inner softness, suppleness and shine.

Step 4 – Leave-in treatment

Phyto 7 is infused with seven plant extracts. This weightless leave-in conditioner instantly hydrates, smoothes and protects fine to medium textured tresses while preventing frizz and split ends. The formula absorbs instantly, leaving hair protected, flawless, silky soft and illuminated with shine.


“PHYTO favours protective and recyclable packaging.”

Step 5 – Styler

Moisturising Styling Cream is a deep-conditioning cream for textured hair that is extremely dry, porous, damaged, or brittle. It delivers nutrition, protection, resistance and beauty; creating soft, lustrous and beautifully defined styles. Perfect for most styles other than curls.

Phyto Pro Curl Energising Cream has gel-cream formula that supports, defines, and activates curls with incredible softness and shine. Curls remain smooth and frizz free with touchable body, bounce and curl memory.


“PHYTO’s mission: to create a tailor-made botanical solution for each hair care need.”

By Wendy Turner