« Beautiful hair can not be achieved without a healthy scalp! »

Patrick Alès, PHYTO founder

It was in 1969 that visionary hairdresser Patrick Alès revolutionized the world of hair care. Bringing together science and nature, he extracted powerful active ingredients from plants to treat hair, while respecting its natural balance. PHYTO was born.

Patrick Alès, whom at just 16 years old became a hairdresser “by chance”, was driven by more than a passion: a true vocation. Enhancing the beauty of women and their hair, while respecting their profound nature.

In 1965: Driven by his motto «primum non nocere» (first do no harm), he concocted his very first botanical hair care products, more particularly to preserve the hands of his hairdressers, who were in permanent contact with harmful chemical substances. With his wife, they developed the initial mixtures in their garage, combining Sage, Rosemary, Burdock… A real revolution for the time!



Simplifying everything is often the most complicated thing to do. Although mankind has long been familiar with the power of these simple, yet ultra-potent medicinal plants, science has only recently enabled us to extract the essential: the very quintessence of their power.

From its inception, the Phytosolba Laboratories have known that plants give their very best. The brand’s formulators extract and concentrate botanical active ingredients to create easy to use, powerful rituals to simplify women’s lifestyles.

50 years later, natural, plant-based ingredients represent over 60% of the composition of PHYTO products and can make up to 100% of their formula.



1969 was the year of the PHYTO’s revolution.

2019 will be the year of its reinvention.

Transparency and commitment to more environmentally-friendly policies. From formulation to packaging, Phyto is fully engaged…

• Gentle and respectful cleansing formulas without sulphated surfactants, except for intense cleaning action desired*.

• Cleansing formulas which are not containing any synthetic** artificial colors and are naturally tinted by our “home-made” plant extractions.

• A new, pure and minimalist visual identity fully in line with the times.

• Packaged in square, minimalist and clear zero-waste PET bottles, offering 25% more formula, and “squeezable” for ease of use.

• Extremely practical tubes that dispense the precise amount of product.

• Environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable packaging, from bottles and tubes to outer boxes.

• Improved environmental profile: no inserts or boxes for shampoo bottles and folding cartons made from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests.

* In the case of PHYTODETOX and PHYTOSQUAM
** Except for PHYTOARGENT


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