How to deal with postpartum hair?

We will help you understand how to handle postpartum hair loss and what can be done. Postpartum hair loss is also called androgenetic hair loss.

Key Facts:

♦ “During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume can increase by up to 50%. Increased blood volume and more blood circulation result in less hair falling out.”

♦ Decreasing then stopping ovarian estrogen secretions creates an imbalance in favor of androgenic hormones.

♦ This imbalance can cause hair loss or greatly aggravate hair loss already installed.

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First, it is necessary to know that our hair develops and live under hormonal dependence.

This type of hair loss originates from the disruption of the hair’s life cycle which, whatever the origin, leads to a refinement of the fiber, to see the appearance of sparse zones that can extend with time.
The scalp, the hair and all their environment are affected, impacted by hair loss. It is the “ecosystem” of the hair which is reached and which will suffer from the global reduction of the capillary activity.

That is why it is important to target the maximum of mechanisms responsible for disturbances of the hair’s life cycle using the PHYTOLOGIST 15 treatment and come to support this action and preserve the “ecosystem” of the hair with the help of PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHYTODENSIA shampoo.

16580734-oatGFaCQPHYTOLOGIST 15 is an absolute fall arrest that has a more comprehensive and complete action on all types of female or male hair losses. Efficiency faster (loss delayed from 2 months),growth stimulation (+5942 new hair) and  thicker hair because there is growth of the hair bulb.

PHYTOCYANE is for women with androgenetic hair loss, who do not necessarily want global action, and who would rather want the life cycle of the hair to be prolonged, by preserving the cells of the hair of an early senescence. Double efficiency fall arrest & density (anchors the root and stimulates the shoot).

Its actions: slows down the loss, accelerates growth, redensifies the hair mass because it has repelled new hair and prolongs hair’s life cycle in 16 weeks: + 2640 new hair, + 2880 hair preserved. 88% efficiency. 3 to 2 applications per week. Use PHYTOCYANE in 3 months cures.


The PHYTOSOLBA Laboratory’s approach is to go back to the basics of hair and restore its three vital functions locally. This, knowing that the scalp is one of the best irrigated parts of the body and that it represents a royal way to reach the hair reproduction cells.

PHYTOPOLLEINE Stimulant Plant Elixir purifies the follicles in which the diseased roots evolve, and drains, outside the follicle, waste (sebum, sweat, cellular waste) which represent a real handicap for the blooming of the roots.

PHYTOPOLLEINE Stimulant Plant Elixir increases blood flow to the roots by promoting blood microcirculation and cellular oxygenation at the entrance and around the hair follicle (peri-follicular collagen).

PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHYTOCYANE anti-hair loss treatment also transmits to the hair in formation a supplementation of sulfur proteins and vitamins for hair.

The PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHYTOCYANE anti-hair loss treatment regenerates the hair production cells with patented assets that neutralize the damage caused by DHT.
Action of the PHYTOLOGIST 15 or PHTYOCYANE anti-hair loss serum on the life cycle of your hair.
The life cycle of the hair recovers its normal growth tempo and the new hair succeeds the previous ones without latency period. The regrowth of your hair regains strength.

Like the body, the hair also loses its vitality when it lacks essential elements for its growth and health.
The consequence: the quality of the hair deteriorates further: it then becomes dull, without vigor and the hair is refined.

A local treatment will allow to make all your vitality to your hair, it must be pampered: treat it so as to strengthen, especially the root, to rebalance its vital functions and give it a stronger caliber.



Before the shampoo: Break time 20 minimum. Rinse
On scalp: → in Cure of 3 months / 1 time per week (25 drops)
Lengths and tips:  ALES OIL → in Cure of 3 months / once a week


Shampoo: 1 to 2 times a week


To use after the shampoo on scalp: 3 months treatment / 3 times per week. 1 box contains 1 month supply.


2 capsules a day.  Swallow with a glass of water during breakfast, only 2 kcal per capsules. In cure of 4 months. 1 bottle contains 2 months supply.


This heat-activated spray has to be used before blow drying on damp hair. Apply on roots, comb to distribute the product, perform styling.